Friday, June 26, 2009

Barbara Lee's Email Contact Info?

I was just trying to email Rep. Lee about something, and found that the links on her homepage to email her run in circles. Am I missing it?


  1. Seems like the menus are broken. Try going to the email page directly (gleaned from the contact page that I reached from an old e-newsletter). There are two links, one regarding policy and legislation, and one regarding federal agencies. I only tried the first part way, but it appears to work.

  2. Most members of Congress are moving in this direction - away from posting an actual email address and towards only allowing online forms to be filled out. It cuts down on spam. I have to tell you though that because it's so easy to send out email action alerts and generate thousands of emails, a phone call is so much more effective than an email message.

  3. Yep, or a letter. The statistic I heard in the 90s was that staffers counting up correspondence consider a letter to count as 100 voters with that opinion. I can't imagine the same mutiple applies to email, given the ease of email that you cite.