Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pro-Legalization, Anti-Hood

I'm totally for legalization, but I also emphatically second the statement of James Anthony, who represents legal medical marijuana dispensaries: "Lemon Drop was illegal, it was dangerous and it was undermining the medical cannabis movement. There's no place for that kind of activity in Oakland." What I don't get is why you would start an illegitimate dispensary?

What's interesting about legitimate pot clubs is that even frequent marijuana users, especially ones with families, have a major NIMBY problem with them. Granted, I wouldn't want pot smoke drifting into my backyard or open window, but I also don't think there's any data showing that crime is associated with them. If there is, please bring it to my attention.

In the meantime, support Tom Ammiano's bill: legalize marijuana, wipe out part of the state's fiscal problems, lower crime.

Shooting Suspects in SF Go To Oakland to Escape

Isn't this a little embarrassing? Someone dropped the ball here. I can't help but immediately think it went like this: SF cops chase suspects across bridge, call OPD ahead of time to tell them the suspects are coming, and the understaffed and demoralized OPD doesn't have units in place in time and the suspects get away in downtown Oakland. That's speculation, and it's unfair, but unfortunately that's the automatic assumption that OPD will have to combat.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ichiro is Good. You Should Eat There

How's that for a plug? Except it really was good. Eat there. I command thee!

And the Trappist the other night was packed and a lot of fun, but the chocolate-and-beer tasting looked to be sold out, so I was forced to do the unthinkable and just drink beer. Now that I'm a Respected Member of the Oakland Blogging Community, I should start remembering what I eat and drink so I can write about it later. Suffice it to say a friend introduced me at the Trappist to a "beer" that was at once hoppy and sweet and vinegary, and maybe the strangest beer I ever had, and I liked it. And it was only the third one of the night. Ask for it in there. I'm sure they'll know which one you mean.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beer Week in Oakland

SF Beer Week is having events all over the Bay the week of 6-15 Feb, with events at The Trappist, Cato's Ale House, Oliveto, Miss Pearl's Jamhouse, and culminating the events all over the Bay at the Oakland Convention Center. Check out the East Bay events here. I'll probably head down to the Trappist on Wednesday for the beer and chocolate event on Wednesday the 11th.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Nice People Who Organized the Protests

Interesting information about the organizers of some of the earlier Oscar-Grant inspired protests that turned violent. Keep in mind when you leave links outside the site like this one that I have no way of verifying if the names mentioned are legitimately implicated.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Call the Mayor's Office - They'll Actually Call Back

I just read on a neighborhood forum where a private citizen called in with her recommendation for Police Chief, and someone from Dellums' office called her back to ask about it. Encouraging.