Saturday, January 17, 2009

Report from Downtown Oakland #1

I was at the packed Cafe van Kleef last night (Friday) along with it seemed about a thousand other souls, and I had the good fortune of being able to talk to Peter van Kleef, whose bravery and quick-thinking is featured in Zennie's video from the night of the first protest. Peter thought it was funny that I had seen him on screen but never in person. According to Peter, these jostled pictures I took represent a regular Friday night:

End result: got my greyhound, heard very original live music, talked to some interesting people and had a great time. I'm going to get back down to SOBO for the 17th on 17th festival this afternoon. See you down there.


  1. Oh, you got to see Damon and the Heathens, my fave Oakland band! I was there too. It was fun.

  2. It's very difficult to do "original" and "interesting", and they did. I would say it was as if Philip Glass and Dillinger Escape Plan did a collaboration to write big band tunes. I would definitely check Damon and the Heathens out again.