Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Japantown in SF is Nice!

My two cents about an article in the Chronicle today, hating on Japantown Center. It's what I call a "dumb article". I really like the whole area around Japantown Center, and it's very well-traveled by pedestrians. There are always people and families around. I'm puzzled that someone would describe this part of SF as drab or dead. Try Market west of Powell after 8pm. That is what a dead, drab area looks like.

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  1. Some of the points brought up in that article are definitely valid. The center itself is not so much the problem as are some of the big walls around it. Ideally, you'd have something that would be better integrated into the fabric of the city that encourages foot traffic, both within the mall and outside of it. Unfortunately, examples of such building schemes in the post-War US are very hard to come by.