Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pro-Legalization, Anti-Hood

I'm totally for legalization, but I also emphatically second the statement of James Anthony, who represents legal medical marijuana dispensaries: "Lemon Drop was illegal, it was dangerous and it was undermining the medical cannabis movement. There's no place for that kind of activity in Oakland." What I don't get is why you would start an illegitimate dispensary?

What's interesting about legitimate pot clubs is that even frequent marijuana users, especially ones with families, have a major NIMBY problem with them. Granted, I wouldn't want pot smoke drifting into my backyard or open window, but I also don't think there's any data showing that crime is associated with them. If there is, please bring it to my attention.

In the meantime, support Tom Ammiano's bill: legalize marijuana, wipe out part of the state's fiscal problems, lower crime.

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